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Buy from people who actually erect and know what they are talking about. ( not just salesperson who will sell you any thing) There are many grades of fencing materials and Australian standards that need to be met , don’t just buy some thing that looks like it.

We are large project specialists and have helped customers save substantial amounts on their project materials . We work direct with the steel mills and manufacturers , can deliver cut to length packs to eliminate labour and wastage – further reducing your project material costs. Email : or call us on 0417 467 576 and we’ll provide you with a quote for your project.

Galvanised Steel Pipe Posts

We can supply pretty well all the regularly used diameter galvanised pipe product in various wall thicknesses that you need to your applications. We supply …

  • pipe starting from 20NB all the way through to 100NB
  • extra light through to extra heavy wall thicknesses
  • std 6.5m lengths and cut to any specific length you need
  • fence application lengths include 1500, 1800, 2100, 2400, 2700 ,2900 ,3800 and 4200mm
  • security fence posts complete with indentations for securing barb wire and complete with a cap are readily available
  • if you want 1 piece through to sling lots – we can look after you!
  • We also stock the galvanised fence fittings with many in stock.
  • All galv pipe products are also available in a range of coated finishes – email us us for details & pricing
Fencing Materials Cannonvale

Fencing Materials Cannonvale

Chain Wire

Fenced Out has built its reputation on quality, combined with unsurpassed reliability. Otter Fencing are well respected within the industry, specialising in security Chain-Link and Tubular Panel fencing, gates and associated fencing materials; supply only or supplied and installed, to comply with all relevant Australian Standards.

We have the latest automated machinery to manufacture Chain-Link fabric for the industry in a wide range of sizes, which can be used for security fencing, internal storage cages, tennis court surrounds and many other versatile applications. Our Chain-Link fabric is manufactured at a zinc coating  of minimum of 300g/m2 – 370g/m2 way above Australian standards for guaranteed quality, with both Heavy Galvanized and P.V.C. coated wire.

Unlike many other manufactures our PVC Coated core wire is minimum of 300g/m2 way above Heavy Galvanized standards here in Australia. And with the added PVC coating increasing the life of your wire.

In wire for Chain-Link fabric (2.50mm and 3.15mm diameter) there is a differential in coating mass of approximately 200g/m2 between Standard and Heavy Galvanised Coatings, with many PVC Coated Chainwire not even meeting a standard coating on core wire.


Industry standard chain wire fencing products available in a range of different configurations and variants including ….

  • 50mm diamond in 2.5 and 3.15mm diam hot dip galvanised wire
  • 60mm diamond x 2.5mm diam hot dip galvanised wire
  • Black PVC coated versions of all meshes, other colours are also available
  • Heavy hot dip galv wire is available
  • Various widths including 900, 1200, 1500, 2100 ,2400 , 3000, 3600 mm
  • Tennis court chain wire mesh – 50mm diam x 2.5 / 3.2mm black PVC coated chain wire mesh in 3m -3,6 widths – special order product
    Roll lengths are generally 15 or 20m, some wider products are 10 and 15m
    Knuckle / knuckle and knuckle/ barb selvedge versions available
    All products are “uncompressed” – not scrunched up = very hard to unroll and use

We are large project specialists and have saved customers big $ on their requirements – we also supply cut-to-length galv pipe posts

in various NB’s and wall thicknesses. We are currently producing a large quantity of black PVC coated chain wire meshfor a tennis court project in Melbourne – 50mm x 2.5 / 3.2mm wire in 3m wide rolls.

If you need a special product, a chain wire product not on shown on this website or have a large fencing project – we can do it, just email or call 0417 4675 760 306, we’ll help you and save $!


Chainmesh Supplier Cannonvale

Chainmesh Supplier Cannonvale


Treated Hardwood and Pine Timber Fencing

We stock both treated pine and treated hardwood posts, rails, palings, sleepers and logs. Discover our treated timber fencing materials to order what you need for your project. Unsure about the quantities you need?

Pine Palings

Pine Palings