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Chain Wire Fencing

Chain link Fencing

Chain wire is a simple and economical solution for the perimeter of a residential home, industrial site, school or sporting facility.
Its ease of installation allows for a quick turn around from preparation to job completion. Available in galvanised or coloured PVC coating (black or green) with barbed wire top strands available for added security.

Chain wire security fencing is ideal for schools, tennis courts, industrial properties and anywhere that requires a no fuss budget cost fence that looks great and is purposeful.

Tennis Court PVC Coated

Tennis Court PVC Coated

Coating finishes

You can choose from a Heavy Galvanised wire (Class W10) or P.V.C. coated wire, in Black or Dark Green.

1. Heavy Galvanized (HG) wire (Class W10)

Heavy vs  Standard Galvanised coated wire
Standard Galvanised wire (Class W02) should not be mistaken or passed off for Heavy Galvanised wire (Class W10). Indicative figures from Onesteel® research reflect a life to the onset of red rust of greater than 4 times between Standard and Heavy Galvanised coatings in low corrosion environments. In wire for Chain-Link fabric (2.50mm and 3.15mm diameter) there is a differential in coating mass of approximately 200g/m2 between Standard and Heavy Galvanised Coatings.

NB: The inferior metallic coating of Standard Galvanized coated wire does not meet the Australian Standard – Chain-Link Fabric Security Fences and Gates (AS 1725-2003).


2. Polyvinyl Chloride coated wire, (commonly known as P.V.C. coated wire), is available in standard colours of either Black or Dark Green.

P.V.C. coated wire diameters are measured and specified by the core base Galvanized wire diameter.

Chain-Link Fabric – Service Duty
There are two wire diameters that are used to manufacture Chain-Link fabric which meet the Australian Standards for Chain-Link fencing Australian Standard – Chain-Link Fabric Security Fences and Gates (AS 1725-2003).


Light Duty: is manufactured from 2.50mm dia. wire and is used in lighter applications.
Heavy Duty: is manufactured from 3.15mm dia. wire and is used in more durable applications. e.g. security, industrial and sports fencing.

NB: Light Duty 2.50mm Chain-Link fabric provides for only approximately 60% of the load bearing capacity of heavy 3.15mm Chain-Link fabric.


Domestic Fencing:

Chain Link Fencing not only provides security and protection for your home, but also adds value and appearance to your property. Galvanised or PVC coasted Chain Link Fencing is virtually maintenance free and resist attacks from insects and pests, it is also an ideal material for the control and protection of pets.


Chain wire fencing black pvc 900 high Abell Point

Chain wire fencing black PVC Coated  900 high Abell Point Marina