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Gate Fabrication

Custom Built Gates – Airlie Beach

Various types of Gate Frames are fabricated to order at Fenced Out.

The most popular being the Timber Paling type Gate Frame.

Gate Frames are manufactured from 50x25x1.6mm Duragal-Plus RHS and are generally fitted with a pair of heavy duty Ball Bearing Hinges.

The frames are produced singularly or in pairs for larger openings. After fabrication all exposed welds are coated with Cold Galvanised Paint or a two pack industrial coating

The top and bottom of the frame verticals are capped with black plastic push-in caps.

Steel Frame Paling Gate Cannonvale

Steel Frame Paling Gate Cannonvale


The cost of this style of Gate Frame is shown in the Pricing Table below. Please note these are just an approx figure, contact us for a competitive quote.

Frames made from Galv 50x25x1.6 RHS to your dimensions Below sizes are for pricing only
For Example: (1733×1248 Frame = 1800×1300 Price $251.00)
mm 1000 1100 1200 1300 1400 1500 1600 1700 1800
1000 $150 $158 $165 $173 $180 $188 $195 $203 $210
1100 $158 $166 $174 $183 $191 $199 $207 $216 $224
1200 $165 $174 $183 $192 $201 $210 $219 $228 $237
1300 $173 $183 $192 $202 $212 $222 $231 $241 $251
1400 $180 $191 $201 $212 $222 $233 $243 $254 $264
1500 $188 $199 $210 $222 $233 $244 $255 $267 $278
1600 $195 $207 $219 $231 $243 $255 $267 $279 $291
1700 $203 $216 $228 $241 $254 $267 $279 $292 $305
1800 $210 $224 $237 $251 $264 $278 $291 $305 $318
1900 $218 $232 $246 $261 $275 $289 $303 $318 $332
2000 $225 $240 $255 $270 $285 $300 $315 $330 $345
2100 $233 $249 $264 $280 $296 $312 $327 $343 $359
2200 $240 $257 $273 $290 $306 $323 $339 $356 $372
2300 $248 $265 $282 $300 $317 $334 $351 $369 $386
2400 $255 $273 $291 $309 $327 $345 $363 $381 $399
Ancillary items also available for your convenience
Drop Bolts $16.50ea, D Latch & Striker $16.50, Pad Bolt $9.50ea,
Ball Bearing Heavy Duty Hinges $20.00 Pair, Left or Right Hand

It is necessary at the time of ordering to specify the height and width of the frame. Also, if the frame is to be supplied with hinges, what side they are to be welded to and the swing direction of the gate. A range of accessories including Drop Bolts, D Latches and Pad Bolts are available to finish the Frame. Most Gate Frames are constructed so that the timber palings overhang the frame, the top by 100mm and the bottom by 200mm. The extra length on the bottom allows for palings to be cut on a rake to suit the rise or fall of the ground. Raked Gate Frames, alternative RHS size frames etc can also be manufactured. At Fenced Out we use Australian Made Duragal RHS in the manufacture of our Gate Frames. This product is a pre-galvanised, inside and out, steel box section.

Non-standard and special style gate frames, from Sliding to Personal, are all able to be manufactured to meet your specific requirements, in our Proserpine Shed.

Whether you’re building or renovating, our extensive range of design options mean we are certain to have the gate option that is perfect for your needs.

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Steel or Aluminium: What’s Right for Your Fence?

Aluminium and steel can both be used for high quality fencing and gates. However, as most people aren’t up on the properties of various metals you may be finding it difficult to choose between the two! There are pros and cons to both aluminium and steel fencing, which make each of them better suited to certain premises more than others. While they are both durable, choosing the most appropriate fencing material for your specific needs will ensure that you are satisfied with your fencing for years to come.

Aluminium Fencing and Gates

Aluminium is a lightweight, durable, and versatile material. It’s not susceptible to corrosion, so aluminium fencing and gates will look great for years despite being exposed to the elements. The drawback to aluminium is that it can be easily bent, so it’s not as effective for fencing in premises that require tough barriers or security, such as industrial or commercial settings. It is best used for aesthetic purposes, such as residential garden, yard or pool fencing. Its resistance to corrosion makes it the ideal choice for seaside or waterside homes in particular.

Alloy Gate Easily Bent

Alloy Gate Easily Bent

Steel Fencing and Gates

Steel is a strong, powerful and long-lasting fencing material when coated correctly, perfect for protective fences. It is heavy and resistant to damage and wind. Most steel fences are also galvanized and treated with powder coating to prevent rusting. Fenced Out only uses pre-galvanised Australian made Bluescope steel in it steel tubular fences. Steel is impact resistant, so it is the perfect material to use for security gates. If you’re looking to purchase a fence that will last for a lifetime or more, steel is the way to go.

Tubular steel is another option that has become more popular. Manufacturing fencing and gates from tubular steel bars with hollow centres will give you that tough steel exterior, but will make the gate more lightweight, making is more suited to high-traffic commercial and residential premises than solid steel fencing and gates.

Due to its weight, steel fencing may be more difficult to install than aluminium fencing, and less practical for home and family uses, making it a better fit for industrial premises. It is also more expensive. However, the peace of mind from installing a steel fence may be worth the additional cost if you’re protecting valuable stock and machinery within.

Steel is a stronger alternative to aluminum. It is heavier and resists impact. It will not require banging out to fix dents.

While aluminum has become popular for gates and fence due to its corrosion resistance and weight, steel is a stronger alternative. With a Hot Dipped Galvanized undercoat and a baked on Powder Coat finish, a steel gate or fence will often outlast an aluminum gate or fence.


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