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Mod Wood / Composite Fencing & Screens  Whitsundays

Made from recycled wood and plastic, our products are wood composites. They look and feel like natural timber, but require none of the maintenance of traditional woods. You will not need to paint or stain our products since they already come in a range of colours and will maintain their beauty for years to come.
If you love the look of timber fencing but are worried about the longevity and maintenance costs, composite fencing is another option to consider. While not quite as popular or timeless as timber fencing, composite fencing is growing in popularity on commercial and residential properties.

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Mod Wood Fencing / Screen

Mod Wood Fencing / Screen Whitsundays

Modwood Screen Cannonvale

Modwood Screen Cannonvale Construction


Questions and Answers on ModWood :

What is ModWood? ModWood is an Australian made and owned composite product made essentially from a mixture of ground sustainable wood waste and plastic (recycled plastic milk bottles). ModWood products contain no formaldehydes.
Where is ModWood made? Melbourne, Australia
Is ModWood moisture resistant? ModWood has excellent moisture resistance, however it should be noted that ModWood is not designed to “live in moisture” – this will eventually cause swelling, and affect physical properties.
Does ModWood need ventilation? Yes, like timber, it is important to provide adequate ventilation to ensure ModWood is able to dry out after being wet. For this reason it is very important to pay attention to clearance on butt joins (end to end), spacing between boards (side by side), and minimum ground clearances. Lack of ventilation will cause the product to swell and fail over time. Check product fixing instructions for information on ventilation requirements. Boxing in the deck will reduce cross flow ventilation and therefore must be avoided. ModWood is not suited for cladding applications due to the need for spacing between boards.
Will it warp? ModWood decking will not warp provided it is used and fixed in accordance with fixing instructions. ModWood mini board can in some circumstances, show some deflection between uprights.
Does it splinter? The composition of ModWood products means that they will not splinter. This makes them ideal for small children.
How do I fix ModWood? Whilst ModWood has many fixing similarities to natural timber, there are a few subtle differences that must be observed. Please check Fixing & Technical on our website.
Does ModWood fade? Yes, ModWood undergoes some fading when exposed to the elements. This will primarily happen during the first couple of months. Check our web site for indicative colour differences under “Care & Maintenance”. The brushed surface shows minimal fade.
Is it UV Protected? Yes ModWood products are highly protected against UV radiation. Please note however UV stabilisation is of the plastic component of the product and does not have a great affect on the fading characteristics. For information on fading see above.
How does ModWood compare with timber in terms of surface temperature? Tests have shown ModWood has a similar surface temperature to timber of similar colours and finishes. Please note because Black Bean and Jarrah are darker colours, they can get quite hot under foot, especially when new (similar to a dark
painted timber decking board). Refer to technical sheet on our website for more details.
Can ModWood be used for joists? No, ModWood has been designed for use as decking and screening products only and cannot be classed as a “load bearing” product.
Is joist size important? Yes, when butt joining top fix boards it is recommended to have 45 mm joist to enable the fixings to be located a minimum 15mm from the end of the board.
Brushed or smooth – which surface to face upwards? Below are the pros & cons of using the different faces:-
• A more “timber-like” surface feel
• Better non-slip feel in wet areas (e.g. around pools)
• Does not show scratches easily
• More suitable for decks under roof/cover
• Heavy scratches can be wire-brushed out
• Will appear lighter in initial colour
• Little colour shift/fade over time – apart from embossing lines fading
• A more durable finish
• Surface temperature of brushed feels cooler than smooth
• Can more easily take oil based paint or stain,
• Susceptible to “fatty” stains due to the exposed wood fibre.
• Will pick up dirt/stains/mould more easily due to wood fibres
exposed (these can usually be cleaned)
• More “plastic” at the surface gives better resistance to dirt
and grime (stays cleaner)
• A more solid colour
• Will show a higher degree of fade over the first few months
• Smoother surface may feel a bit more plastic.
• Surface temperature will get hotter – especially when new
• Smoother surface not quite as good for grip
• Cannot simply give a wire-brushing “touch-up” for scratches
• Needs to be well weathered before paint or stain will adhere properly
Is it scratch resistant? No – ModWood can show scuffs and scratches, especially when new, and especially on the “smooth surface”. By rubbing on light decking oil with a clean rag the marks will be less noticeable. Exposure to the weather will see the board fade to its natural colour, thus hiding scuff and scratch marks. It is strongly recommended that all furniture on a ModWood deck has protective feet e.g. rubber stoppers applied to the legs to help prevent scuffing or scratching of the deck surface. Please note, ModWood is a finished product-take care!
See our web site for further details.
Important – the brushed surface does not easily show scuffs and scratches. This is recommended if the product is intended for use under 100% shade/cover. The brushed surface can be wire brushed. The area you brush will quickly fade out and hide your repair.


Mod Wood Gate Steel Frame

Mod Wood Gate Steel Frame

Mod Wood 4 mt Gate

Mod Wood 4 mt Gate



Mod Wood Fencing / Screening:

ModWood Mini board is extremely versatile, and can serve as either a subtle addition or a statement piece in any residential or commercial outdoor area. The ability of our composite fencing to withstand the toughest weather conditions – and resist termites – also makes it a fantastic, cost-effective alternative to using products from traditional outdoor timber screens companies.


Unlike conventional timber, ModWood does not require preservative coatings to maintain its appearance. This, and the fact that our products are made from recycled materials, means they are also the environmentally-friendly choice.


Mod Wood Screen Colours

Mod Wood Screen Colours

Fence Construction

As the name suggests, compo

site fencing is made from wood combined with a secondary material, usually synthetic plastic fibers and other inorganic fillers. The addition of extra materials reduces the amount of timber required in constructing fencing supplies, which reduces costs without sacrificing strength to preserve the natural looking exterior of fence posts or full fence panels.

Low Maintenance

If you desires the wooden fencing l

ook without the associated maintenance, composite fencing can be a cost-effective solution. This fencing can be power washed without the risk of rotting or warping associated with full timber fences, and UV stabilising means it won’t fade over time. Composite fencing is suitable for use even in harsh climates, and won’t need to be repainted every few years.

Environmental Benefits

Between 50 and 100 per cent of the inorganic materials used in the fence’s construction are diverted from landfill, so composite fencing can even lower your business’s impact on the environment – especially as no chemical preservatives need to be used.
ModWood’s use of eco friendly decking materials makes the products particularly suitable for ecologically sensitive areas, as they contain no nasty chemicals that could leach out. The environment doubly benefits, as the product uses recycled and waste products which would otherwise be squandered, potentially ending up as landfill.

Mod wood screen

Mod wood screen

Mod Wood Gate Steel Frame

Mod Wood Gate Steel Frame



Mod Wood Technical Sheets Download:

The following documentation will give you an understanding of the technical performance of ModWood.









Mod Wood Screening Whitsundays

Mod Wood Screening Whitsundays

Mod Wood gate

Mod Wood Gate Construction Whitsundays