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Substation Fencing

Substation Security Fencing Queensland , Powerlink & Ergon Designs

Fenced Out specialise in substation fencing and have completed a number of substations all over Queensland. From excavation, manufacture, concrete mow strips, cable pits, safety railing, fence erection and even down to locate and compact earth grid tails, we do it all.

Substation Fencing.

Fenced Out specialize in Power and Substation Fencing of all designs such as Ergon, Powerlink , QR and electrified systems.
We erect all designs complete with concrete mow strip and even upgrades and repairs to existing live substations.

We have completed security fencing in remote areas as far away as Doomadgee, located in the north western corner of Queensland, approximately 120 km east of the Northern Territory border and out to the most western remote areas of Central Queensland.
Fenced Out have their own mobile 45 ft accommodation trailers and prime mover , fully fitted with kitchens , showers and their own power supply via solar and 13 KVA generators, ready for those locations that accommodation is scarce.

Fenced Out are fully equipped with various machinery such as Excavators, Skid steers, Diggers ,compaction equipment and a long list of trucks and trailers.
Fenced Out hold all the appropriate licenses for your fencing and concrete work.

Bluff Substation Fencing CQ Installed

Bluff Substation Fencing CQ Installed

Substation Security Fencing Central QLD

Substation Security Fencing Central QLD


Substation Security Fencing Projects recently completed :

• Glenella, Mackay substation Ergon
• Wycarbah QR Substation, Central QLD
• Wotonga substation , Powerlink Moranbah area
• Wiggins Island Substation , Gladstone Coal Terminal Ergon
• Broadlea Substation , Broadlea Mine , Moranbah area Ergon
• South Mackay substation Ergon
• Rockhampton Ergon
• Goonyella Riverside substation Powerlink
• Cap Banks various locations , Glenden , Richmond , Bowen , Merinda etc
• Wandoan Power Station Powerlink Extension
• Westwood substation Queebskabd Rail
• Vermont, Dysart substation Ergon
• Belgian Gardens, Townsville substation
• Sarina substation Ergon
• Spring Creek substation QR Central Qld
• Tanby substation Ergon CentralEast coast Qld
• Raglan Powerlink substation CQ
• Yeppoon CQ Ergon
• Kabra QR substation Central Qld
• Jubilee Pocket substation Ergon
• Cannonvale substation Ergon
• Larcom Creek substation Powerlink CQ
• Bowen North substation Powerlink
• Ooonanba, Townsville substation Ergon
• Kelsey Creek, Proserpine substation Ergon
• Duaringa substation Queensland Rail Central Qld
• Goonyella Riverside substation Powerlink
• Bluff Powerlink QR Substation
• Blackwater QR Substation
• Mount Roper Substation
• Emerald substation Ergon
• Umolo QR substation Central Queensland
• Wallaroo TSC Queensland Rail
• Eagle Downs Substation Powerlink United Group
• Doomadgee Power Station , Ergon Upgrade
• Mackay Ergon New Site, ( Abi Group)
• Wycarbah Powerlink, Central QLD
And many more:

Ergon Security Fence Eight Barb Design
Ergon Security Fence Eight Barb Design

Fenced Out have the equipment and experience to complete all requirements of your substation fence.

Trench Compactor for Earth Grids

Trench Compactor for Earth Grids

From electric substations and water treatment plants to switch yards and power generation facilities,  Fenced Out delivers proven solutions for modular anti-cut and anti-climb perimeter fencing and partitioning. Vehicular anti-crash resistance is available, both in our fence systems and in crash-resistant gates.

From earthworks, licensed concretors / form setters , custom built steel formwork for a quality concrete finish , core drilling, compaction on, site welding we do it all. No subcontractors needed at any stage of fence erection.

Bowen Ergon Powerlink Fencing

Bowen Ergon Powerlink Fencing

If your serious about keeping intruders out Fenced Out can supply and install an electric fencing system.  We provide electric security fencing solutions for commercial and industrial customers including full electric fence installations, gates, gate automation, site access control, security panels, swipe access and much more for a full security fences package.

Sure a high security fence is a start,  but as they saying goes ” it will only keep the honest people out” . We can install and design a electric security fence for your needs through out Australia. Should a would be intruder cut through the fence and touch an electric wire they will receive a short, sharp, but harmless shock, sufficiently powerful enough to discourage them entering any further into the premises. The duration of the pulse or “shock” is thee thousandths of a second and are spaced one second apart.

Protective Coatings:

Fenced Out can provide a range of coatings but our standard product used is Durebild® STE

Material Safety Data Sheet – pdf

Durebild® STE is particuarly suitable for the maintenanceof all types of previously painted substrates, including steel, due to its exceptional wetting and adhesion properties. Durebild® STE is used for the protection of all types of steel structures, particularly where surface preparation is limited to power tool cleaning methods. Durebild® STE does not need to be top coated in internal environments as it is extremely durable and is available in Dulux Colour Specifier colours. Durebild® STE is also suitable for fresh and salt-water immersion when untinted.